There is a season in life when you have to take the plunge and jump in, not knowing how deep it is. 


 Lisa, Who is married to Tim and has one son Joshua, all moved from Hailsham, England, to Minneapolis. USA in 1998. What was supposed to be a two year adventure turned into their permanent residence. Lisa loves the seasons in Minnesota including the long months of snow!

Lisa has always been creative and loved painting and drawing as a young child. With no formal training she has just pushed through the artistic barriers to create her own work.​ She has worked in many fields of art, painting huge murals, creating wedding flowers, and designing and creating set designs. Her passion to create is expansive and loves to encourage others to do the same. 

She can paint a 10x30 foot mural or a 10"x30" watercolor painting.

She is in a season where she can give more time to producing new artwork and so she is starting up her buisness Blackbeery Lane. Growing up she loved taking walks with her father down country lanes in Bristol, England, picking blackberries, with the purpleblack dye from the berries on their fingers they would quietly walk and talk and admire Gods creation all around them.

Her desire is to continue bringing the creator in all her artwork, being reminded he is the ultimate creator and what she creates has come from God.


She can create for you, a mural, canvas, and watercolor painting.